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Golf abilities

PGA West Stadium Course

I have always wondered why some people are athletes and some are not. This also goes for people that are creative or artists. Can it be learned or is it something you are born with I have never been an athlete and I pretty much mean never. Being the 5th daughter of parents that divorced when I was 7 years old I always used the excuse that my dad didn’t really have the time to encourage us to play sports. Now I realize that maybe it was just I didn’t show any kind of ability to play a sport and that is much more likely the reason why he didn’t encourage us to be athletes. Of course my Dad would wear his dress clothes to go exercise, so maybe that is even more telling.

I know I have mentioned that I am a 50+ woman, recently retired and now trying to learn some new hobbies. You guessed it; drawing, painting and playing golf. I am still on the fence but I do know that my lack of hand-eye coordination is not a friend to these endeavors. My poor golf coach is so patient as he tries to help me work on my swing with ball throwing analogies, not realizing that I stink at that too. That’s when I realized I think it can be taught but it requires someone with so much patience to try to figure out how to help.

I go to my lessons and he explains how to shift my weight, use a firm grip on the swing and finally left the clubs natural gravity do the work. He has patiently broken down the need to use my knees and not my whole body in my swing. The amazing thing is that one out of every 10 or so swings I now see the ball go and do what I have hoped for. It’s what keeps people coming back to golf. I have always struggled with my embarrassment in my lack of athletic ability but I am persevering through this one and maybe someday I’ll break 140!

My only words of wisdom are don’t be afraid, there are professionals out there to help and I think old dogs can learn new tricks. Happy holidays all!


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