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Joy of Dahlias

A couple of friends invited me to go to a local Dahlia farm in the Linville, NC area. Even if you aren’t a flower addict like I am you can just feel the joy radiating from these flowers. I was just amazed at the varieties they were able to grow. There were informal decorative, ball, pompon, single, waterlily, semi-cactus, and so many other kinds and colors.

I had tried to follow directions from Floret Farms from Magnolia network fame, on how to overwinter the dahlias and I was able to do so but the blooms are nothing like these amazing varieties. You can see the love and care they put into them as if they are members of the family. The cut blooms lasted about a week and I was able to return a few times so we could enjoy them in the house. Shortly after our last visit there were two rain storms (thank you Fred & Ida), that reduced the longevity of the bloom season.

I just can’t get enough of these beautiful flowers. They are all I want to paint these days.

“Dahlia Joy”

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