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Mountain Glen, NC – Misty Morning – Fall 2021

I have really enjoyed taking online art classes this summer. During these unprecedented times we have to figure out ways to keep our sanity and these classes have been my savior. I have dabbled with so many artists online offerings; Emily Olson, Tracy Verdugo, Dreama Toole, ArtbyIldy, Melanie Rivers, Tam at Willowing Arts and so many others. These amazing women are talented artists that also choose to help others by sharing their processes. They feel that there is room for all the artists out there. If you are looking for a creative outlet consider looking up one of these artists and treating yourself to some artistic fun. Yes you too can draw and paint!

Here are a few of the paintings I have done with their tutelage. I am learning so much and applying it to my own art and ideas. Enjoy!

art artist joy photography

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