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It’s now been one year since I officially retired or took an early buy out from my company. Since last year was effected by COVID restrictions it was a bit unusual. We spent time buying a house, selling a house and working to remodel both our new(old) houses in Texas and North Carolina.

I think for the first time I am starting to lean into what it means to be retired. It’s funny how long it can take for you to unwind from old habits. In previous blog posts I have discussed some of my new hobbies and I hope to focus even more on them as time moves forward.

I would say my favorite new hobby is learning to paint, draw and create. I have taken some interesting routes to discover new online resources and classes and have thoroughly enjoyed them all.

Next up is golf. I never had any idea how much I would enjoy this game trying to learn to play as a woman age 55+. Trust me I am pretty terrible at the game. I have started hoping to score lower than double par, but hey you have to have a goal.

A by-product of retirement and having 2 homes that are 16 hours apart is that we purchased a small size, class B RV. I hope to share some of our experiences as we learn to be RV’ers.

The name for this blog came to me randomly one day and I decided to grab the URL and begin this blog until I figured out what the purpose would be. I hope it will continue to evolve into a way to share experiences that bring joy and happiness to others. I hope you will join me on this journey.

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