Five weeks

Hottie – RIP – May 2010 to Nov 2020

Today marks 5 weeks since my 10.5 year old pup Hottie lost her battle with hemangiosarcoma. She was diagnosed 5 weeks prior to that when she had to undergo an emergency splenectomy and removal of fluids from her abdomen. They gave her 1-3 months after the surgery. I really hoped she would beat the odds but it was her time to go. I can’t tell you the amazing times we had those last 5 weeks after her surgery. We snuggled while she healed and she let me know that she was done with the coddling and ready to get out and play. I spent the days researching this cancerous robber, found out ways to feed her better to encourage anti-oxidants and help her fight the cancer with Chinese herbs and supplements. One of the holistic vets told me that I had to let go of control and just to enjoy every day with her, let her decide how active to be and let her enjoy these last days to the fullest. That was the best advise I received and I hope to continue to carry that with me as it is a life lesson. We are promised no tomorrows so make the best of our every single day. Snuggle your pets, take the time to play with your children and stay in touch with your loved ones. This year has been a robber in so many ways but I hope we can all find some resilience inside us, we have the power to go on and find the beauty and joy.

I will miss my little Hot “Flips” Houlihan, aka Hottie forever and a day, but I am so thankful for those 5 weeks.

Hottie 2020

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