I’ve been away for a bit. Life sometimes seems to get in the way. We are back from North Carolina, I couldn’t get enough of watching the trees change colors before my eyes. After the amazing weather in NC, we are enjoying our second fall back home in Texas. We bought this house mid pandemic, with only one viewing. We closed on it from North Carolina and only came back for a few weeks to pack up the old house and to move to the new one. We lived here for just one week, while doing a little construction, removing a wall, adding some new floors and a little painting. When we came back a few weeks ago we remembered how quickly we had moved in. We were in a hurry to get back to the cooler temperatures in NC and the lower covid-19 numbers. In our haste so much was haphazardly thrown into places where it didn’t really belong. At least this time the emotions are not as extreme as our first week, we are turning the page from one chapter and beginning another. This was our chance to downsize and really mean it. We are slowly beginning to move things around and find places for the items that we cherish. We are having to say goodbye to a few others as we fit our 4300SF house into a 2300SF house. I have to say that we are beginning to bond with this house in ways I haven’t felt before. It’s beginning to feel like home.

The beautiful NC Mountains – Fall 2020

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