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Relaxation is a skill

Today I am working towards being present in the moment. It’s so easy to become wrapped up in the what if’s of the future.

what if….I am no longer a breadwinner, what if….I lose my job skills, what if….I need more money, what if…I don’t feel I’m contributing to society, what if…I get sick….

With some guidance I took a step back to realize that those what if’s are robbing me of today. Today I took a nature walk and looked for birds, I sat on my deck and enjoyed the views, I painted a little watercolor and I let myself bask in the now.

I decided to update my bullet list, if you aren’t familiar with a bullet list, it is a list of items you want to try to get done each day. In the past my list included, drink 32 ounces of water, exercise, cook 3 meals at home per week and set my alarm so I get up on time. My new bullet list is now a list of things that energizes me or brings me joy. The new list includes do watercolor, sit on the deck, take a walk, take nature photos, golf, read and work on my blog/website. It’s an amazing feeling to give yourself permission to carve out an hour a day for yourself.


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