What makes someone an artist?

WC blue chair
Blue Chair – 08/2020

What makes someone an artist?   When is it okay to say I am an artist and why is that title so scary to me.  I have no art background.  I struggle to draw basic concepts at time.  I am just learning to paint with oils and watercolors.   I think back to what I learned when I took art appreciation in college.  Art can be anything that you view that makes you feel something.  That feeling can be happy, sad, fear or even contemplation.  Thinking of that makes me think that nature is the most amazing artist.  Nature feels me up inside and gives me hope.  It compels me to photograph it, paint it and just sit back and enjoy it.

I’m on this journey to explore my creative side to find what brings joy.  After many years in a corporate job, working 40+ hours I rarely took the time to explore what might inspire joy in me.  I feel alive when I am taking photographs and capturing those beautiful moments in nature.  Yesterday on a short walk I came across these images just outside my door.  What inspires you?


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