Learning golf as a 50+ female


I had my first two golf lessons and completed playing 2 full, 18 hole rounds of golf.  I guess you can say completed if I picked my ball up quite a few times.  My husband has been an avid golfer for pretty much forever.  We’ve lived on a golf course and somewhat plan our lives around his golf.  I never really could understand him getting up early to pursue this sport.  It put fear in me to think of getting out there and embarrassing myself.  To stay this is a huge leap for me is putting it mildly.  SHHH, don’t tell him but I actually loved it.  I am not an athlete at all and was afraid the idea of chasing a all around wouldn’t be any fun.  Funny how things sneak up on you and bring joy when it is so unexpected.  Just a short list of my favorite parts so far:

  • Being outside in nature for 4+ hours
  • Beautiful golf course, birds and butterflies
  • The excitement when I finally made contact with the ball and actually hit it more than 50′
  • Spending time with my spouse doing something he enjoys so much

I hope to have many more beginner golf posts as I progress!  I hope you enjoy something new soon.


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