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What inspires joy….

I am on a journey to find what brings joy. When you are busy living your life, working, picking up kids from school, cooking dinner, vacuuming the dog hair one more time, you don’t often have the opportunity to be able to think about what joy means to you.

As I sit here, 5 months into the Covid-19 pandemic and 1 month into my “voluntary early retirement” after a 35 year career, I have more time on my hands to think. I wish I had someone tell me when I was in my teens, early twenties, or even my forties, to stop and take 15-30 minutes a day and figure out what it is that makes you joyful. It is so important and could have changed the trajectory of my career.

I actually have to take a bit of a step back and give credit where it is due! The last 3-4 years at my company they created a women’s organization to help women mentor other women. We women are not known for being good at that. The women’s group partnered with a local organization called the Their founder’s journey is to help you to find your shine. “Your shine sits at the intersection of your talents, interests, and a need you want to help fill.” Honestly this organization saved me and my career. Through this program I realized that I didn’t have to have the job of my dreams, I just had to find the things in life that bring me joy and work on a way to integrate those into my daily life.

As I now transition into retirement, I’ve always been interested in painting, gardening, photography and even learning to golf. I have also committed to finding ways to give back however I can. I want to try integrate the things that bring me joy and help others. I hope you will join along in these explorations and find things that inspire joy in you.



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